All of a Sudden, Winter

One minute, the sun is shining and a guy is bringing in the last of the tomatoes…

… and in awe, a bit, as to how the spring soil he made out of clay, sand, and piles of landscaping mulch that were lying around the place as if it were a building site could become so bittersweet, so quickly, as if part of an ancient fable old even in Gilgamesh’s time …

Cherry Tomatoes That the Sow Beetles Got 

They come out when the nights are cool and nibble nibble nibble, the little rotters. (Do click on the link in the title above. Gilgamesh would so have battled this guy.)

… and then snow.

Just One Cloud’s Worth, Over Kalamalka Lake Behind the Hill

But still!

I should have known this would happen. And, you know, deep down, I think I did. I mean, I was ready, right?

One Green Beefsteak and Lots of Plain Green Friends

Eight more boxes just like it. They’ll be ready to can mid-November, I suspect. Plus, I might even get five months of fresh tomatoes as a reward for all that spring shovelling.

That snow’s exciting, or what!




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