Ripping Out the Landscape Cloth for My Sisters

The ladies are on the ridge line. Not behind the ridge line. On the ridge line. See?

And the gentlemen are down in the sagebrush, far below. Like this…

 I tell you, these guys only look up from munching when a human calls to them, “Hey! You! Camera! Up here! It’s me! Whoo-hoo!” But that only works once. The second time they were onto me. The second time, they did not look up.

Serious Eating Going On

There were actually three of these guys, just hanging out. Not looking up. 

Who says we are alone in the universe? The deer come from this planet. Humans come from this planet. That we are not brothers and sisters would be a great surprise. It’s time to get back to first principles. Maybe it even looks like this…

 Tomato Garden in the Making (Half way there.)

Five years ago, a man converted the flower gardens that grew here into a desert by covering them with landscape cloth and ground up tree bark. This is called “going green”. The sow beetles loved it, at any rate. And the wild lettuce. No landscape cloth can stop wild lettuce.

These are going to be the highest energy input tomatoes in the valley this year, I tell ya.

Nothing Like a Little Bella Vista Clay to Bring Out the Old Railway Pick

Gandy Dancing, anyone? Hi, ho!

Here’s the filbert I planted last year, in the hope I would figure out what to do with this wasteland…

 Putting the Earth Back Together Piece by Piece

The filbert is settling in well. The tomatoes are under the deck, outgrowing their pots, popping with blossoms, setting fruit, gangling all over the place, and watching the proceedings with great interest.

But then, they come from this planet, too. If they weren’t my sisters, it would be a great surprise.

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