Going to School

Alrighty then, so you want to go to school? Do you want to go here?

Students all in Rows and Pruned to Canes and Spurs

Because they don’t grow well in this climate, especially when they’re planted in the soil only to sell houses for a higher price.

It used to be that men planted the soil in order to grow food. Now they plant it in order to grow stock options. Hmm. Sounds like an urban colonization of the land, that ends in hunger. So, maybe not the best school. So, perhaps you want to go here?

The New Vernon Secondary School Going Green

In a blue box yet. Full marks for use of that Crayola pack! They’re going to have a community garden, an outdoor classroom space, a learning orchard, and a greenhouse in which they can grow lettuce for their cafeteria. Very nice.

Hey, maybe we’ll go there. Still, why stop exploring? There are many places that this culture offers as educational institutions. Some are accredited. Others are a bit more secretive. Before we fully commit, then, let’s see where else we can go. Hmmm. How about here?

Davison’s Country Village

Why, by golly, everyone can have a great time. There’s a restaurant, and a gift shop, and train rides for the kids, and a coffee shop under the trees. All of it wrapped up in an image of farming that comes straight out of … what? A Universal Studios sound stage?

OK, so that’s a school that will teach children to see the land as an urban artifact. Here’s one of their students. That’ll be a good clue, righty right?

Bartlett Pear Tree With No Head

Low yield orchard designed for industrial manufacturing processes. Look at the nice weedkiller down below, too.

Is that what you’re hoping for? Thinking you can do better? That’s the spirit. Always do better. Reach for the stars. Well, what about here?

Herbal Educational Centre and Art Gallery

There’s a lot of interesting organic history there, wouldn’t you say? Heck, the 1970s have come of age. They even have a satellite dish.

So, maybe add that to the list. What about overseas, hmmmmmmm? Maybe we can learn from our neighbours across the water and far away? Let’s look…

  Young Woman Learning the New Meaning of Agriculture at an Ancient Monastery in Iceland

Some things are the same the world over, I guess. This young woman was in pain, yet no one pulled a scythe off of the museum shelf and said, “Girl, this will go better.” In the words of contemporary culture, landscaping is weed-whacking. You strap a gasoline engine to your back, which powers a nylon string, which goes around and around and whack whack whack. Brutal. Note that the sheep did the same to the hills in the back, but with far, far lower tech. With teeth, actually. Nibble nibble.

So, a pattern seems to be emerging. Contemporary culture is urban culture. It looks to the land out of its own terms, and makes museums out of it, which it manipulates according to parameters it can understand. Meanwhile the land goes about its thing. Might not an education in how to bring the land into the conversation on its own terms be a useful addition or counterbalance? I think so. I hope you do, too.

Here are pdf copies of the home page in progress of my new educational site. You can kind of cut and paste and put them together, right? I’m not going to get the technical bugs fixed before next week.

Happy schooling!

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