Bad Green Good Brown

Somebody got the idea that plants filter water and stabilize slopes. That’s true, but it’s only part of the story. What plants are really doing is living. In terms of work, the plants of dryland slopes are moving water through carbon-based tissue rather than allowing it to be lost to gravity and the dry air. Still, the idea of filtering crept into the textbooks. Then things got out of hand…

Riparian Area Turned into a Road Filter

 Sadly, muck is no different here than it is anywhere else.

This is not the way it has to look. Incredibly, all this destruction is the result of strict compliance with environmental protection regulations, including the maintenance of wildlife and riparian corridors with appropriate setbacks. It was a little less than adequate, but then the investment company went bankrupt and no-one has minded the show since. Here’s where some of that muck comes from …

 Muck on the Run, or …

Gravity having the time of its life. Three hundred metres of grasses and bushes two kilometres downhill are supposed to stop this runaway train?

It’s right here that some plants would have been useful. The riparian area is too late.

Erasing an Ecosystem

A mis-used dry stream bed can clean water (sort of) for one season. After that it turns to gravel and clay and we’re 10,000 years in the past.

The mistake made here is that sometimes something that looks like a watercourse is something else entirely. Some streams weren’t meant to carry water above ground. Giving such streams silt to clean is little different than running it through a human house and asking the turkish rugs in the living room to give you drinking water by the time it hits the kitchen sink. Not only that, plant material composts in natural environments, right? Gotta be good…

Pyramid Cedar Given the Heave-Ho

One poor cedar that should have been left in the coastal rainforest, meets the intersection of convenience and indifference, where it becomes garbage. Well, it’s one use of green corridors doubling the cost of building lots …

It gets worse…

Dead Wild Cherry

Well, drowned actually. This is one of the individuals living in this dry stream bed that was asked to do the cleanup work.

Here’s an idea: plants will filter water if they’re alive. But the filtering is not their goal. It’s something they have to do, to keep their heads above water. It’s the way they get through a crisis. This is their goal:

Reseeded Natural Gas Pipeline

Not a drop of open water flowing anywhere, but oodles of it flowing through the channels of life. And no silt.

They got it right. Thanks, guys.

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