Making Light of Gravity

Gravity is the point at which the energy of the universe touches the earth. We should be able to use that. Who needs fossil fuels. Here, for example, is the energy that created the sun …

Shorts Creek, Fintry

When the glaciers melted, they cut this channel through the stone. A century ago, the energy in this water ran an innovative hydroelectric and irrigation system.

Here is gravity drawing sage brush down a vertical wall, as if it were very slow water:

Clever Gravity Machine

One of the more interesting forms of water is ‘green water’. It flows through the land in the life of plants. With luck, future technologies will include far more systems that work with it.

Points of stress, such as where glaciers have splintered walls of volcanic rock, also collect sun and water, effectively concentrating life out of the dry desert air. Like this:

Ice Fall, Spences Bridge

The first version of Highway 1 used to cut just past the base of this fall. The new highway is a much straighter affair a hundred metres to the south. This image was made in October, an hour and a half north of the Okanagan.

Here’s water closer to home, from a ridge on the upper grasslands above Okanagan Landing:

Slow Water

Life has the intriguing quality of holding water in place. It manipulates time.

And here’s what time slowed down like that looks like with just a little bit more distance:

Ponderosa Pine Stopping Water in Its Tracks

Notice as well all the horizontal tracks left by deer and coyotes on their endless to-and-fro. It looks like their reduced access to the lowlands, has caught up high here, like water in a dam. They are pacing like lions in a cage.

Among the stars, gravity bends space and time and matter follows. Here’s a final image of what it looks like up close and personal:

Space-Time, Bent

On earth, life is what happens at the intersection of space and time.

Fossils fuels manipulate time, too, just more like the pacing of those deer. The earth is the universe. Cool stuff!

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