On the Eve of Christmas

Here in the darkest weeks of the year, it’s good to remember where we’ve come from and where we’re going to. Sometimes it’s to a place none too serious:

Gate Post, Okanagan Style

Bella Vista Road, Vernon

Sometimes it’s from a place that’s totally surreal:

Canadian Tire Christmas, Okanagan Style

Bravely waiting for snow. Or the zen grasses of spring. Or both at once. Notice the tail. This is what your computer mouse will look like when it is all grown up.

And sometimes it’s a place of welcome and glory:

Okanagan Seasonal Wreath

Blue spruce, spreading juniper, pine boughs, oregon grape, globe cedar, and wild rose. I quickly put this together to see how my idea last week of growing roses for the floral industry might work out in practice. I think I need a little more practice at the old nip and tuck, but it looks mighty promising,

Tonight, according to the old stories, the Christ Child comes. The story endures, because it’s old and new at the same time, as the best stories are. Blessings, that years may continue on this earth.

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