Water Has Memory

When a breeze shifts the old cat tail stalks, the energy skin on the water kinks, again and again. Water remembers each kink.

Then the greater memory kicks in and the energy is reabsorbed. Effectively, it is reabsorbed into past time. Yes, this is a photo of time travel, similar to looking back to the Big Bang.

Look how the entire mountain ridge across the valley is caught in the newest water kinks.

We Are Doing This Together



The bird that builds the nest builds it in the shape of its body, remembering the nest, and the egg, it comes from.P2320794

Every moment with the earth is an act of memory, whether given to words, or not. There is a language all people speak (not just humans), which is the language of bodies, which is the language of ancestors deep in time being spoken (lived) now. We are all opening.





Memory and Life

Ice has memory.

P1120646Every moment of its long creation.

P1120606That memory interacts with the present.

P1130141Blue Sky in the Ice

Is thought any different?

P1120378 Is art any different?

smooth3 Is beauty?



Sleep is a time of regeneration and re-energizing. Might ice be showing us a process that is no different?

P1120943Well, OK, maybe a little different.

P1120793 Maybe it’s called waking.

blueaThat Sky Again!

Forget digital memory. This is the real thing.