Nature Photography

The Sacred Mountain of the North Okanagan

I went down to the lake to read the news. Terrace Mountain was pretty free with it. This old stratovolcano showed me a bird feeding something, or about to devour something. Note the animal form on the peak to the right, up to the same sort of thing.

So, I thought, well, this mountain is visible from every direction, so I went south a few miles, up to the Commonage.

A bit of a better angle on things here, although the peak to the right is gone. It looks like a bird from here, feeding its young, which is being eaten from the feet by a long serpent. If you zoom a bit, you can see more…

See that? The bird and the serpent are both built out of multiple faces. Rather than being individuals, they are communities of individuals. If you want a sacred mountain, here’s one. No need to go to Uluru, although that would be very fine, too.

Just saying.

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