flower gardening

Gardening is Not Real

In an image-driven culture, gardening is symbolic. It fills the social role of display. Like clothing or a tan or a tattoo.

The key is to fill the social role while protecting one’s private ownership and control at the same time. These are important Canadian values. Plant a few colourful plants randomly, nod to the lush cornucopia of an ancient botanical garden, surround them with gravel, as a nod to water conservation, and surround the plants with chicken wire, to keep the freaking ***!!!! deer off, who threaten to sabotage the whole enterprise by respecting neither boundaries nor property values!.

Seriously? Chicken wire? Look, this is, actually, pretty amateur. Down the street, the pros are at work.


See that? Cheatgrass, the invasive scourge of the entire West. Pretending to be a decorative grass.

Now, that’s chutzpah.

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  1. Hahaha… that’s not gardening, that’s landscaping. Not much care, love, nor intelligence goes into that. Just need a ‘weed whacker’ when it gets ‘out of control’ or ‘unruly’. May the deer enjoy and keep the ‘owners’ at bay. LOL


    • The pros did the weed whacking yesterday, as part of the full service maintenance contract. Chicken wire on a brand new planting, though, for a plant that would need it forever. That is truly a new stage of human devolution.



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