Nature Photography

Northern Shrike Goes to the Tropics

We’ve had a visitor for a couple weeks now, a northern shrike from the high plateau.

It’s very inquisitive, yet shy.

No way am I going to get closer than 70 metres.

But it can’t stay away, either.

Here’s to hoping the weather will soon be good enough to go home, up in the sky.

It must feel lost in this weird world of brown grass (and hawks).

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    • That’s more like it. The picture on the Avian database was just not good enough, plus so many other people have made the wrong identification that it was really hard to sort it out. I gave up. But you rescued me! I know to ask you first next time. Thanks.



  1. They are handsome birds, aren’t they? No wonder you coudln’t keep away. Nice photos! (As always). And I just heard that we had a Northern mockingbird in someone’s yard down here, in town. How I miss their songs….I may go look for it but I sincerely doubt it’s singing. Not audibly anyway, maybe metaphorically. 🙂


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