Nature Photography

Some Flowers Are More Beautiful After They Have Bloomed

Like poplar catkins, for instance.  Here they are with dandelions…P1760819… and with weird freaky roadside grass ..P1760753

… with  poplar leaves and light …P1760801

… and, heck, might as well throw in some poplar twigs. Those are sacred to the gods, just as the catkins are. Most plants don’t put out such exuberant male flowers! A few stamens and they’re done… but not poplars imported from Italy!


Well, that sacredness is what we can learn from our ancestors. (From those of us with European ancestors, through our languages. For the rest of us, and any Europeans among us, through the eyes that let us see like this.) From ourselves we don’t have to learn anything, but there are good ways to spend an afternoon.


With the old ones! What, did we think for a minute that it was all about us?

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