Oceangoing Porcupine

High above the valley…


…a rock catches the rain, and a saskatoon bush lives off of it.


Not Much Cover Way Up Here

Even the deer have to really work to find a trail going anywhere. Meanwhile, the coyotes slip every whichaway.

It’s a lovely rock, though, a bit of an old ocean floor …


That looks a lot like a troll’s pet dog. Or maybe the troll.

P1250526 Troll’s Dog

With a big grin. Or maybe the troll.

And the weather has had its way with it, for sure, breaking it up like ice snapping at the shore in springtime.

P1250531 I tell ya, it’s dark in there. Dark-de-dark-de-dark.


The previous rock like this (no saskatoon) was three hundred metres away, and it was not so dark. In fact, it had a very lived in feel.

P1250458Some plants are beautiful and weird. Well, that’s the kind of planet it is. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I went around the rock and …

P1250532… I heard a rustling and rattling and then nothing at all, so I peered, you know, into the dark.


In porcupine social etiquette, giving you the butt is considered the best way to meet new people.

So, the deal is, if anyone tells you a porcupine is a forest dweller, well, just laugh at them. Cuz they don’t know, right? Not their fault. The last time I saw this guy was also in the sagebrush. That encounter was three kilometres away and several hundred metres downhill. It looked like this:

porcupinePorcupine at Sea in the Sagebrush

Oh, and the ocean? Tsk tsk.

P1250569Ocean Falling Apart


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