Driving and a golf ball around eighteen holes is a complex kind of mathematics. It takes so much time to get around the course, measured in so and so many strokes at the ball. It’s sculpture, really — time sculpture. How cool is that.

There are dozens of golf courses in the Okanagan. Take a look at this one…

Vole Hole in a Cheatgrass Slope

Wild Golf Course

Vole Hole in the Cheatgrass

This intriguing hole, on a hill, in the cheatgrass weeds, on a grassland slope on the property of one Okanagan golf course shows how the math of golf can easily be upgraded from plane geometry to advanced calculus and beyond. It’s not the number of strokes that would count, but the grace of the approach.

Think of this. Driving a car around the maze of Highway 97 and the strip malls for which it is a parking lot in Kelowna is sculpture, really, just not sculpture carved into stone. It is a sculpture of time. It takes so much time to get around the course, measured in so and so many yellow lights missed. How cool is that?

Maybe golf is about cars. Maybe all those fairways started out as sculpted English country estates, but ended up as highways paved with grass, with expensive housing around the edges, looking in on all the green mathematics.

Maybe if we pulled up the pavement on Barnard Avenue in downtown Kelowna and put in a golf course, we could solve a few high-end quantum equations.

Wouldn’t that be a city worthy of a visit!

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