Land is Money

Depression Area Orchard Gets a Makeover

As immigrant dreams give over to the dream of a settled identity, the Okanagan is in a period of transition. On the one hand, the Okanagan is now a tourist destination. Here on the southern approaches to Oliver, the Wine Capital of Canada,  competing images of paradise vie for ownership of the land. Here’s a closer look…

Drunk on Power

Here in the so-called Wild West, it is not settler dreams that are winning out right now, but the more perennial ones of whiskey traders and government agencies. As the Okanagan sheds its European, fruit-growing image, the complex cultural politics of the Okanogan take over. Playfully, such as here. More vitally, here. As John Ralston Saul puts it, Canada is a métis nation. Without a treaty or a functional land claim settlement process, claims get settled on the monetary level, as above, as the notion of what is land and what it is for gets pulled around like Greek Bonds on the German stock market in Frankfurt. The only currency in this game is the land itself.  Currently, all the cards are being dealt. Everyone is in the game.

Pst! Tomorrow, I’ll show you hands from a couple of the players.

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