Water at Work and Play

Water + Carbon + Air + Sun, tensed like a bow against the wind, waiting to be knocked loose by the deer of the sky.

Water + Carbon + Air + Sun, lying like wind on the face of the water.

Water + Carbon + Air + Sun, waiting to be carried on the face of the wind.

Water + Carbon + Air + Sun, aka Poplar Cotton, catching in splashing waves of green.

Out of a few simple elements, untold complexity and immeasurable delight. The word for that? Why, life.

We are the children of the sun.

Staring at the Sun

Can you eat the sun?


American Gold Finch

Yes. Really?



Elderberries, Okanagan Falls

Yes. Can you stand on the sun without burning your feet?

P1470992 Yes! Can you become beams of light?


Yes. Of course. Can there be more than one sun?



Red Haven Peaches, Okanagan Landing

Yes. There are many suns. Can the sun make a nest like a bird?

P1470855Arrow-leafed Balsam Root

Yes! Can time be stopped until the sun comes again?

P1470833 Yes! Can you stare at the sun for hours without going blind?


Yes, you can! Can you pass the sun on to others?


Greata Plums, Keremeos

Yes. Is this called “living”?


Lady Bird and Dill, Okanagan Landing.

Yes, indeed. Is this called “dying”?

P1470768 Yes, it is. Is that a part of life?


Red Osier Dogwood, Grey Canal Trail, Bella Vista

Yes, but not simply. Are the sky, the earth and the sun one?


My Father’s Hydrangeas

Yes! Do you know the secrets of the universe?

P1470159My Father’s Hydrangeas

Yes. Does all this happen on earth?


Malling Apple Rootstocks, Fruiting, Bella Vista

Yes! Is that what the earth is?


Trembling Aspen

Yes. Is that part of the sun?


Sailboats Riding Gravitational Winds, Okanagan Lake

Yes. We are living in the sun. Does that bring tears to the eyes?



Onion Harvest, Okanagan Landing

Yes, it does. Is the wind a part of this sun?


 Milkweed Seeds, Waiting for the Wind, Skaha Lake

Yes! Are we alone here?



Black Wasp

(There are hundreds out today. This is their time. They look like queen carpenter ants.)

No! We are not alone at all.


What is that? I don’t know! Isn’t that cool! Isn’t it cool as well that the force that makes this apricot leaf also makes this caterpillar?

P1480883And elderberries, too?

P1480640That’s enough to fill a life, it is. But if you want more, there are always grapes.



And rowans peeking from the background.

Pity about the fence. On behalf of all humans, I apologize for that. Some of us are trying to do something about that, but humans are such frightened things, it’s a big task. Please be patient.

In the meantime, there is the sun, and sailboats riding on molten comets…

P1480727 … and nectarines!


Would you rather a world made out of machines?



Try This on Mars, I Dare You

Life in the sky…
bee…  vanishes (This is a form of ripening.)

subtleAt first it is nowhere to be found. Bones are everywhere. The sun has burnt everything away.P1470323Not everything. There are bee caves.



And this year will come again.


Hang on!

The Beauty of Fog

The Okanagan Valley markets summer. Summer is an ancient European idea that has a lot of currency in Canada, where there’s a lot of winter, and very little in Guatemala, where there’s what passes for summer pretty much the whole year long. But then the lake begins to cool and fill the valley with the first winter fogs.P1330370

These are the ones that keep the Arctic cold from the valley, and let it roll on down south to the Pasayten Wilderness in Washington. These last few days, many people, drunk on summer, have been complaining about the fog. Complaining? Why, just look at it!P1330365 P1330361 P1330362 P1330363


You couldn’t get light like this in a million summers. This place is a photographer’s dream in the fall and winter, when the light fills the air and the sun and the fog together act as a focussing and softening lens. Here are some ancient peach trees, soaking up the fog that has kept them alive all these years.




What beautiful light. Here’s some mullein and wild asparagus shining in it.



In the fog, the sun is in everything. It is focussed, there to plainly see where it always is, but hidden in the glare.



Bean Garden in the Fog Months

This weather is a good antidote to all those electronic cameras that ramp the colour values up in order to hit people in the visual cortex. All that is like shouting. This, though …

P1330416This is light whispering in your ear.