Just a Little to the Side of the World

That’s what Christ is up to in Aberdaron, Wales.

Like, if he was standing on the world, the rainbow message would not be quite right. Similarly for this pine, reflecting in a marsh in the Brecon Beacons. If you look at the world straight on, it would just not be right.


Not quite right.

Or maybe it’s just me, leaving space for a whole that is not centred in the eye, but is in the scene itself.

Aberdaron Churchyard

Do you think, maybe, it’s just me in Wales? Well, let’s look in Cascadia.

Dragon Above Okanagan Lake

Ah, that’s fun. The centre is an empty space, created by the balance of mountain and lake, an active thing made by viewing, not “taking”, the image. And in Wales?

Huh. Same thing! The funny thing is, I lift the camera, catch the image centred in the viewfinder, and then shift it before clicking. I bet others shift in the other direction, or even just centre it all, but I like this well enough: throw the image to the right, and find life itself, the energy of the universe, hovering in an unseen space to its left, and perfectly perceived, even if not “visible.” Ah, but even more fun, with figures walking, they fill the empty space.

Llangrannog Beach

And then they are gone, and look at that, a gap in the Earth is centred. Hunh.

Llangrannog Cave

Quite the conversation between levels of spirit.

And there I thought they were photographs of “the world”. And, look at this, in a cathedral, my mind is reversed. The space takes the place of the Earth.

Tintern Abbey

I’m like an open book!

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  1. Quite the image. Christ standing atop the world… more accurately, here in your photo: atop a “terrestrial globe”. Trace that cultural icon, cultural artifact, back in time through recent centuries…

    Safe, happy travels… and thanks.

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