The Gift Culture of the Grasslands

Flax is beautiful.

The seeds grow heavy and lower the seed to the ground.

Mice eat the seed there. And then it lifts up again, through the snow!

These aren’t seeds that spill out on their own. Someone has to come along and do that. First, the voles when the seed is below the snow, and then in the spring birds. What a beautiful evolutionary strategy. The voles till them into the thatch, and the birds drop them into the melting snow, when the warm spring sun is able to drop them through by heating them. There, they seed themselves in the fertilized ground the mice have cleared. That’s two shots of planting in one winter. By spring, it is all done. Well, not quite. There is a little invitation to bees to take care of first.

One can learn a lot about life by watching flax give the world away and grow strong doing it.

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