The Hand is Getting Along Fine On Its Own

There’s an energy wave that we see as landscape. Here’s my bit.

Let me suggest that this is not a native landscape but a created one. Nature, let’s call it. A native landscape would have had a different mix of species, and at this time of year would not have looked like this. Part of the reasons for this are differences in land use, while others are cultural. Some, however, are social. I’d like to draw your attention to just one of those. Say, you want to go up or down a slope? I don’t blame you, but it’s a bit steep.

No matter, just hang on to that bunchgrass as you go through, and what knocks at your hand while you do, and your hand takes it in its fingers gently before your mind even registers that they’re having a conversation?

A balsam root (wild clumping sunflower) seed head. When the mind notices what the two have been getting up to, it opens the hand and drops the seed, which is why the plant touched your hand in the first place. Here, let me hold out this conversation for you to see.

So, that’s pretty social, but for this to happen you have to walk. If you use a mechanical device to get around or speak for you and break this relationship, the wind is going to have to continue the chitchat without you, like these reeds slowly filling in what was an attempt to erase a seasonal streamed.

Being left out of that conversation is probably how the idea of Nature got started in the first place.

So, yeah, the world is full of life, and we have a social relationship with it, that not only shapes it profoundly but shapes us profoundly as well. Thanks, ladies.

Love ya.

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