The End of an Invasive Species, or Evolution in Action

Dalmation toadflax is a nasty weed (but pretty) and does nothing in the valley (except get eaten by cows who have eaten all the native plants and be a herbal cure and all), but what happens when it tries really, really hard to be native, and, well, evolves and everything?

That’s a beautiful pink this one is putting on. But what is a self-respecting plant to do but blend in with the local real estate environment? Realtors, like any other species, mark their territory, so you can see exactly where the boundaries are.

Toadflax wanted in, that’s all. And that’s the thing: when an invasive species evolves a unique adaptation (with the help of some herbicides and a realtor who loves pink), isn’t it an indigenous species? Whatever the answer, this one has done very well with what she has been given. I suggest we listen!

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    • Sadly, in this town most people have no idea at all what a native species looks like, or what an invasive one is. The popular walking trail above my house has only a few native individuals, yet is considered a walk in a natural world. Weeds, everywhere. At least this one is turning pink. I wonder what else is going to evolve under the pressures we apply.


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