flower gardening

The Many Faces of Smúkwaʔxn, or The Birth of the Sun

Arrow-Leafed balsam root (smúkwaʔxn) has her private moments. Here, she is bringing a crop of suns out of the earth.

Smúkwaʔxn has her public moments, too. The suns are mature a couple days later.

That’s a public moment. For a few hours, and then for one night, perhaps, the public and private moments are one. Briefly, we see them as mouths, on stalks. Like snakes!

After that, it will take a few days or them to all turn towards the sun at the same time (So far, the two on the left have it right.)

Then they are no longer snakes. They are eyes. And I they don’t see us, we see them, and it amounts to the same thing. As they grow towards the light, we grow towards them.



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