First Peoples

Mother Sculpin

Let us praise the little rock fish, the Columbia Sculpin, cottus hubsi...


… and let us praise the snow that reveals her on the shore of Okanagan Lake, that 135 kilometre long story of the people who were here before the humans ever came …


… and let us, humbly, marvel.

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  1. Let Us! Amen!! … What a stunning beauty.

    But now, let us also phrase Harold, who can also work for PEACE.

    Do you still remember “Pokret! Move On!”. All the leftover I had, has vanished here at Concorde, and now my only one I kept for myself. One of the higher personnel at Village expressed interest for herself and husband. My own last one, i placed on her desk. It disappeared. No one knows where.

    My head is whirling as I am typing. I was just tested for my eyes, and now I know I have very bad trachea needed urgent operation, Have not been able to read books for a long time now; and recently became aware that all my glasses are to be replaced, maybe with nothing. After the operation. I’have to postpone my typing about my plan for you.

    Cheers, for now, “littleBrother”. With for you little extra work, you could make some green. All money, and much glory, yours.



    • Hi, Dan,

      I have a copy somewhere I can bring. I started work on it again, but, whew, the currently unfolding political situation is difficult to unravel. I planned to come see you before Christmas, but got hung up on preparing Christmas for other people, which was sad. The hope is to come see you soon, on my birthday or earlier.

      The green, eh. You’ll have to tell me more.




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