Creation is Now

Water flows.waterSometimes this flowing takes 100,000 years. Here’s the bed of a glacier from 12,000 years ago, under the deepest part of the continental ice. This was the divide. 2 miles of ice reached up from here. The last of it formed this lake at the foot of the subglacial rivers this tree is growing upon. Look at the tree. It reaches up. It’s stiff, because it’s made of carbon.P1980188

But carbon, that is bound with water, bends, not like the water, and not like the straight arrow the fir aspires to above, but like that fir, and these sedges, half way between hydrogen and oxygen molecules and carbon itself, it bends, it flows, it sways, it springs back and it climbs the ladder of carbon chains, up and up and up.P1980005

Look at these spruce and pines, citizens of fire between the flowing of the sea through the air and the winter’s snow, molten and rippling with the energy of the turning earth.P1980379


The fire will come, and take its carbon, but for now, ah, now it is the time of water talking to light.



Last image: Bowron Lake.

Other images; Big Bar Lake.

All images © Harold Rhenisch 2015.

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  1. I’m very interested in geologic, tectonic, glacial and other processes that shape and determine water/soil properties and profiles. The boundaries of these major glacial events is something I’m seeking to learn. Do you have an education in that field? The okanagan fascinates me for the multitude of microclimates, varied soil influences, drastic elevation changes, diversity of wildlife and of course the magnificent red barked Ponderosa Pine. Is it wrong to love a tree?

    Nice Photos!



    • It would be wrong not to love ponderosa pines!

      They mark out a cultural space. Welcome to ponderosa country!

      I learned a lot about the glacial history of the region working on the Motherstone book with Chris Harris. Do you know it?

      So, you’re across the river, on the uphill side, from the Standing Rock Reserve, is that right?

      Or did google lead me astray.

      Do you know about the pictographs on the Old Hedley Road? The Smlqmx was settled pretty early after the ice left.

      Have you been to Chief Ashnola’s grave?


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