Gaia and Gravity

These rowan berries are catching the light from the air.P1490627These spider webs are using a similar plant framework to catch other particles moving on the air. Flies, moths, and so on.P1490701

You could say that with their webs they are creating artificial gravity. It can be quite complex.


These cottonwood catkins are harvesting pollen from the air. They are using gravity as part of the process.


You could say they are using gravity to harvest the air. The apple tree below is a creature of gravity. It uses gravity to transform vertical branches into productive horizontal ones, and to deliver its fruits to the ground.

P1490729Its fruits are creatures of the earth, born in the air. The tree is a creature of the air, anchored to earth. Gravity is also expressed through these cottonwood leaves, even in their colour, even in their twigs.

P1490177Can all this be explained by genetics? Yes. Can it all be portrayed equally as gravity? Yes. There are many examples of how to live within gravity and how to harvest it. Weightlessness is not the point.




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