The Wonder of Life & The Wonder of Death

Earth crystallizing around light, climbing a ladder to the sun. Look at it!

P1250694Rhododendron Shoots, Campbell River

That’s the spirit of this planet. This is not:


Gopher Trap (Sprung)

(Protecting a lawn from settlement.)

This is not:



Snow Fence Used as Green Technology

(Protecting “natural” habitat from human contamination. But then it’s left there. For five years.)

This is:

P1240582Bamboo Being Bamboo

Okanagan Landing

Got it?



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  1. Harold, although the stems resemble bamboo, I think you’ll find the last photo is actually a Polygonatum, probably cuspidatum or Japanese knotweed. While it can look attractive in some places, in others it becomes a nearly unstoppable pest. Wouldn’t really recommend it for most gardens. Bamboos have long narrow leaves, not these pointed, almost round, ones.


    • Yes. We know it as a form of deciduous bamboo in these parts. And, yes, it is totally unstoppable!


      • And I mistook myself — I meant Polyganum, not Polygonatum — that’s in the lily family and quite a different creature. One of my aunts, decades ago, had a grove of the ‘false bamboo’ in a corner of her garden. The only thing which stopped it from taking over? She’d planted it close to the house, where an entrance to the coal cellar used to be. Apparently the crumbled coal left in the ground did something to halt its spread. What, I don’t know. Was too young at the time, but I liked pretending it was my magic forest.


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