The Importance of Colour

Oh, the ironies. A girl spends thousands of generations evolving the capacity to change colour to match the shades of individual grassland flowers, and then? Well, they die, and weeds take their place. Ah, but what weeds!

Invasive Species Never Looked so Good!

You could see this thing from Aldebaran. Even a spit bug did, eh. Check out her little frothy world on the plant’s lower right.

Yup, but it seems that if one hasn’t evolved the capacity to turn from yellow and green shades to purple, one, um, well, see for yourself…


No matter how fast one is at getting to the other side of the plant, this crab spider is quicker. In the end,  I fascinated her with my body bulk, held the camera behind her, and shot blind. Not the best shot, but, hey, under the circumstances. I mean, she’s quick.

There is, however, a way, and her companion on the next stalk seems to have found it, and breakfast…

Stay Close to the Leaves

They’re green.

I hope that this is a case of positive evolution in action for these beautiful spiders who spin no webs and make a world out of flower heads. In fact, maybe we need more weeds. I know, it’s counterintuitive, but, still.

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